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The paddling around the Nosara area is a well-kept secret.  Birds and native foliage make the trips a naturalist's dream come true. Experienced & knowledgeable guides lead you down the slow & beautiful jungle rivers of the Rio Garza, Rio Montaña or Rio Nosara. Some of the many species of birds you are likely to spot are kingfishers, herons, Roseate Spoonbills, whistling ducks, storks, cormorants, anhingas, pelicans, frigates, motmots, sandpipers, kiskadees, & hawks. There are great companies offering kayaking tours here, just ask us! info@nosaratravel.com
If you would like us to arrange your tours 
in Nosara, please contact us. 
We are more than happy to answer questions 
to help you plan your trip and/or 
book tours in advance. info@nosaratravel.com
*Some tours can only be booked in person.
This from Ed Mayfield, past president of the Mesilla Valley Audubon Society & vice president of the New Mexico State Audubon Council.
One of his lists of sightings in August comprised of 186 birds. "Birding is a very rewarding experience and shared by many aficionados who have had the pleasure of birding in Nosara. You can view numerous species of shore birds, raptors, wrens, flycatchers and many tropical birds which make up only a few of the more than 200 plus species of birds in the area. Places to bird begin when you first look out of your window in the morning and step outside your door.  The many trails along the Nosara River, in the jungle, on the beach, in the rice fields, along the jungle roads, always present many new birds to enjoy." One of the best places to go birdwatching is a walk through the Lagarta Biological Reserve. Also, for beginners: the Nosara Boat Tour is perfect! See more information on both options below.
Although nesting sea turtles are frequently seen on Playa Guiones, to see large numbers travel to Ostional
a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended, especially in the wet season when the bulk of the nesting occurs.

With insufficient funding to adequately patrol the beach at Ostional, and needing the support of the local villagers, the Wildlife authorities, in an example of the  "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy in conservation proposed that Ostional residents, and only Ostional residents, be granted permission to harvest a limited number of eggs only during the first two nights of each nesting period; allowing them to sell the eggs only to bars with licenses to serve turtle eggs. This policy theoretically protects the later nests as turtles arriving later on during an arribada often inadvertently excavate early nests. The idea is for the local populace to be able to safeguard their source of income, while functioning as a police force. This novel policy has generated much debate, but seems to be working effectively.  Turtle Info: 2682-0470/2682-0462 (Taxi)
Ostional Nesting of the Sea Turtles
Several times a year, (mostly at night) female turtles come ashore in such  numbers that the black sand beach resembles a stretch of rocky coastline. These mass nesting episodes (lasting from 2 to 8 days) are locally referred to as "arrivadas," or arrivals. The arrivadas usually begin several nights after full moon.

During the peak nesting season from July through November, however, more than 100,000 nests may be made during a single arrivada & any correlation with moon phases or tides is lost. 

The belief that turtle eggs are an aphrodisiac has led to their popular demand as bocas (snacks served as appetizers in local cantinas), and people used to come from as far away as San Jose to indulge in the ransacking of turtle nests for eggs.
You'll often find the "tractor trailer" tracks the turtles leave on Playa Guiones
Canopy Tours
Horseback Riding
Half day or full day, fish or sightseeing
Nosara Boat Tours
Ride through rivers, jungle paths, hidden waterfalls, and along wide, dreamlike beaches. Experience the tropical rain and dry forest along the pacific coast. The much loved horses of Boca Nosara Tours are well trained so you can relax and concentrate on the natural beauty of your surroundings. Our clients have really enjoyed the following tour:

Beate and Hawe of Boca Nosara Tours are specialized to take small groups (maximum of 6) and they know the animals and plants of our area well. With their knowledge and experience you are guaranteed an unforgettable riding experience. You’ll not only see much of our wildlife, including monkeys, anteaters, armadillos, anteaters & birds, but you’ll learn which trees the natives use for making lipstick, pots, & natural medicines. For more information about horseback riding or this particular tour: Call them at 2682-0280 directly or we can also arrange this tour for you from our office at Nosara Travel & Rentals: 2682-0300 or email us at info@nosaratravel.com.
Mangroves over 200 years old with a mystical atmosphere, 270 different kinds of colorfull birds hunting and nesting, spectacular crocodiles and tiny babycrocs swimming or resting on the sandbank. See the amazing wildlife of the Rio Nosara and Rio Montana (8 miles) with Leroy on a soundless electric powered boat. The silence on the river will be only interrupted by the mysterious noises of the nature.  Monkeys and rare birds will join your way, maybe you'll see two staring eyes in the water - a crocodile, turtles lying in the sun. This is a great tour for all kinds of people, including beginner birdwatchers! 
Email us: info@nosaratravel.com for more information.
Horseback Riding
Nosara Travel 
& Rentals
Playas de Nosara
Costa Rica

(o) 011-506-2682-0300
(f)  011-506-2682-5137

Canopy Tours in Nosara and Samara...
                         We can book the newest and largest canopy tour available in 
                                          world: Miss Sky Canopy Tour, located here in Nosara. We can
                                                                           also book a tour for you in Samara, 
                                                                          a 35 minute drive from Nosara: WingNuts!
                                                                          Warning: people LOVE the Miss Sky Tour,
                                                                          It is becoming a "must do" on your visit 
                                                                                                               here. Email us:
                                                                                                               for more info. &
                                                                                                               get ready for an
                                                                                                               amazing, out 
                                                                                                               of this world

Lagarta Lodge Biological Reserve Tours

RESERVA BIOLOGICA NOSARA is a private nature-reserve with the size of about 50 hectares or 125 acres and is situated along the Nosara River. It is home to a lot of species of plants, mangroves and wildlife. Many different birds, such as seabirds, herons, waders, tukanes, motmots,manakins, etc, can be found in this area, altogether there are more than 270 species. “Birds of the reserva”. You can also see some other animals, such as monkeys, coatis, raccoons, armadillos, snakes, anteaters, crabs, iguanas and others. 

The entrance to the Reserva Biológica ($6 per person) is free for Costa Rican residents and Lagarta hotel guests. The walk through the nature reserve starts at the lobby of the Lagarta Lodge. Visitors get a map of the reserve and a tree list which includes names and short description of the trees within the Reserva Biológica. This self guided tour takes about 2 hours. If you would like a guided tour (highly recommended!!!) the entrance fee + guide = $11/per person. The tours are available in the morning or afternoon. Tours can be in English, Spanish or German. The guided tour is between 2 and 2 1/2 hours long. The morning tour can end with a buffet breakfast at the Lagarta Lodge, just add $7/pp and it's a great way to conclude a satisfying nature tour. 
Nosara Travel & Rentals is able to book your tour, just visit us at our office or email: info@nosaratravel.com for more information.
Nosara Map
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  View of the Biological Reserve at 
Lagarta Lodge
Boat Tour
Biological Reserve
Nosara Yoga Institute and other yoga class options:
The world famous, Nosara Yoga Institute is located here in Playa Guiones. The Institute has yoga teacher trainings a couple of times a year and also hosts daily yoga classes on-site. For their current schedule or more information, check their website: www.nosarayoga.com or call: 2682-0071.

The Yoga House: Brand new yoga center in Playa Guiones offering daily classes: located near Banco Popular, stop in for a current schedule.

the Harmony Hotel also has yoga classes: 2682-4114 or frontdesk@harmonynosara.com       
Health & Fitness Activities:

  • The Body Shop/Cristophe: 8848-8279.

  • Physical Therapy Nosara: 2682-0360 or jane@nosarawellness.com  Yoga, Pilates and more: classes, physical therapy, acupuncture clinics and all kinds of other special services!

  • Spacio in Guiones: 2682-4039 or Nosara Travel info@nosaratravel.com . Massages, pedicures, manicures and more (Specialty Spa Services including laser hair removal and more, monthly clinics)!

  • Harmony Hotel (see above under yoga)

  • The Yoga House (see above under yoga)

  • Nosara Yoga Institute (see above under yoga)

Surf Shops, Surf Schools 
& Surf Lessons
Playa Guiones, Nosara, is a fantastic place to learn how to surf for beginners, and, is also a favorite of surfers at higher levels. 
Our beach break is very consistent. 
Nosara Travel & Rentals does not book surf lessons or surf camps except for our groups booking our vacation packages.
Here is a list of places which do:

  • Nosara Surf Shop: 2682-0186 *also does Quad/ATV rentals
  • Frogpad Surf Lessons: 2682-4039 
  • Nosara Tico Surf School:2682-4076 or 2682-0758
  • Corky Carroll's Surf School: 2682-0384                                                      
Link to CR National Parks
Nosara Map
Health & Fitness
Golf Carts, Quads/ATV Rentals and Quad Tours
  • Nosara Paradise Rentals via Nosara Travel for Golf Carts: Super Fun and Easy Way to Get Around!
  • Nosara Surf Shop: 2682-0186.
  • Cafe de Paris: book directly with them via Nosara Travel @2682-0300. 
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Costa Rica has some of the beautiful National Parks in the world. And many of them! Here is a link to get you started if you are interested in doing any side trips from Playas de Nosara...
Costa Rica's National Parks & Maps             
And More Ideas...
Link to CR Road Maps
Nosara Travel 
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Playas de Nosara
Costa Rica
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Nosara Spanish Institute
Located at around the corner from Robin's Icecream in Guiones:

  • Spanish Classes weekly and monthly: intensives and semi-intensives
  • Culture/Conversation Workshops (drop in or free to registered students)
  • Affordable English Classes for Locals

Weddings and Special Events

For events as unique as you are! Weddings Nosara works with you to create the tropical wedding of your dreams. Whether a simple elopement for two... a family wedding of 10....or a bigger event of 100 people or more. We can help make your day one to remember! A destination wedding presents its own set of challenges and our team will make the process easy! We represent over 30 years of photography, legal, officiating, floral and event planning experience. We pride ourselves on making your day one that you can enjoy without worrying about the details. Contact us for vow renewals, christenings, fund raisers, anniversary parties and more!
Contact us at: info@weddingsnosara.com   
Website: www.weddingsnosara.com
Phone: +506.2682.5015