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The Friends of Nosara is a U.S. based not-for-profit corporation. It was created to support activities that improve the quality of life in Nosara.These activities include, but are not limited to, projects and programs related to culture, education & training, the environment, public health & safety, and civic life. The Friends of Nosara offers a means by which the expatriate community of Nosara, and tourists who visit, can thank the Costa Ricans of the community for the openness and warmth with which they have been welcomed to Nosara. 100% Of your donation goes to the cause you choose.  There are no salaried employees, all are volunteers. Please make your check payable to "Friends of Nosara". It can be given in person to Bobbi Johnson, Beverly Kitson, Pamela Lancaster or Paula White.
or  simply mailed to:  

Friends of Nosara, 
c/o Michael V. Olson, Treasurer
2 Louisiana Ave., #1G
Bronxville, NY 10708
*If your contribution is meant for a specific organization, please annotate in the memo area of your check. See Above for complete list of organizations which can receive donations through Friends of Nosara or check on line for the latest updated information with Friends-

Here's a great way to use your credit card (and maybe accumulate flying miles!) to make your tax-free donation. You can contribute by using your credit card via Paypal, the secure Internet payment system used by ebay sellers, etc. All you need to do this is to have your credit card and our email address:
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Organizations currently supported by U.S. tax deductible contributions to Friends of Nosara are:
  • Escuelas (The Local Elementary and High Schools)
  • Surfing Nosara Foundation
  • Cruz Roja (the Nosara Red Cross)
(not a FON partner org) for a local orphanage

Nosara Civic Association (NCA)
Apdo. I-5233, Bocas de Nosara, Niocya, GTE., Costa Rica

Our community is essentially a small town and the Nosara Civic Association (NCA) serves as our administrative body. The NCA is a Costa Rican chartered non-profit association dedicated to orderly growth, consistent with maintaining intact the natural beauty of this area. This is done in accordance with the wishes of the association's general assembly and the laws of Cost Rica. The NCA has been spectacularly successful in maintaining its primary mandate of protecting the flora and fauna of the area from squatters, hunters, jade diggers, poachers and commercial exploitation. By dedicating the entire beachfront to the government as a wildlife preserve, local residents have taken a huge step toward protecting Beaches of Nosara's unique ecological identity. At present the NCA is working in close cooperation with the village association to resolve concerns.
Public libraries are a rarity in Costa Rica, but thanks to the hard work of Beverly Kitson & other volunteers
Nosara has a library that not only provides books & periodicals, but also: 

*aids students in the GED program, providing books, meeting space and some teaching by volunteers;
*participates in community activities, particularly those supporting better health & security to the community;
*sponsors special Saturday morning programs for children with video movies and story-time;
*provides a television & VCR with a collection of educational videos for teachers to use as a learning aid;
*helps local residents prepare letters, using word-processing equipment;
*has English language and computer courses.

The library's services are for local people, foreign transplants and our many visitors. The library intends to provide Internet service to the community and foreign visitors so they can check their email. If you are a resident, citizen, or visitor alike- you can obtain a library card here and borrow from the large selection of books. Also, the library provides special conversation sessions with local volunteers to teach Spanish to foreign residents.

Since the Library was formed, opening a new world to readers who formerly had no access to books, a literary club formed, sponsoring weekly book discussions.

Escuelita de Nosara 
Apdo. 30-5233 Bocas de Nosara, 
Nicoya, GTE. Costa Rica

La Escuelita (little school) was recently adopted by the Friends of Nosara  as a worthwhile program to receive U.S. tax-free donations.  The Escuelita's mission is to provide for the children of Nosara a quality education based on creativity, respect for themselves and others, and ecological consciousness. Their activities are varied, from after school programs & summer camp to field trips & language classes. Escuelita de Nosara is grateful to receive donations of all kinds and amounts. However they also need materials for the after-school programs and summer camps and they are in desperate need of volunteers.

Escuelita de Nosara aka Escuelita de Verano provides a vacation day camp for the children of Nosara whose public school holiday runs through the month of January. The Escuelita's mission is to inspire creativity and invoke passion for higher learning and development through the implementation of a diverse arts program. Through the demonstration of alternative ways of thinking, acting, living and believing it is hoped that bridges will be formed allowing and ultimately improving the future of the community.  The program started with 7 children and has grown to over 150 this year.

More information on this worthwhile endeavor 
can be found on their website
Nosara Travel 
& Rentals
Playas de Nosara
Costa Rica
(o) 011-506-2682-0300
(f)  011-506-2682-5137

El Refugio Animales de Nosara
aka "The Monkey Project"
& SIBU Sanctuary
Brenda and Vicki

In the last several years the Howler monkey population has decreased by more than 50%. In the last few weeks, more than 10 monkeys alone have died from electrocution just in Playas de Nosara, that we know about. Human development, and its impact on the environment, often has serious consequences.
The "Monkey Project" is an effort by Refugio Las Animales de Nosara to insure that the power lines and transformers are insulated or underground in Playa Guiones and Pelada. With all of the building and development, there have been many monkey deaths (and other animals) due to electrocution on uninsulated power lines. Their project is to collect donations from the community to insulate approximately 20 kilometers of electrical wire and 198 transformers. Each kilometer costs $398 to insulate and each transformer costs $250 to insulate. To date, 36 transformers have been insulated and 5 kilometers of electrical wire as well. The plan is to go section by section, insulating the wiring and transformers, preventing animal deaths significantly.

From the Hand-Out to Prospective Homeowners:
"We at Refugio Animales de Nosara would like to share this important message with you. As you become property owners and caretakers of this wonderful natural habitat, we ask that you make very conscious decisions for the envirnoment as you build and develop. All trees provide homes, food sources and foraging pathways through the canopy for many animals as well as provide cooling shade and prevent soil erosion during the riany season. When trees are cut severe consequences occur. Animals are foreced to the ground to look for food placing trhem in great danger and eventually they leave our beautiful area in a search of denser jungle. Help preserve our wildlife instead by thoughtful planning and by planting fruit trees and flowering trees such as almendro, balsam and cortez amarillo. "

If you'd like to donate to the Monkey Project, or to SIBU (a refuge for injured and orphaned wildlife), you may do so directly through Friends of Nosara (below, left), just note it's for the "Refugio Animales de Nosara". 
David Kitson Memorial Library
Biblioteca David S. Kitson, AJO 1067, P.O. Box 025216, Miami, FL 33102-5216
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If you are involved with a community organization of Playas de Nosara and would like your organization featured on this webpage, please email: and we will gladly add you here. Also- let us know if you have new information for us to add to your section! -Thank You.
Del Mar Academy Becas/Scholarship Foundation
Our goal for the Academy is to truly integrate the school with the community of Nosara. 
To this end, we have recruited respected members of the community to serve on our Scholarship Committee. They are currently in charge of the creation and implementation of the scholarship program, as well as the management of the scholarship funds through a Trust Fund.

The Del Mar Academy offers a school experience unlike any other available in Guanacaste. 
The children who can afford to attend are extremely lucky, and will reap the benefits of their education for a lifetime. 
The Scholarship Committee strives to make this school experience available to children who otherwise would not be able to attend. 
We need individuals like you to make this dream a reality.

                                            Current annual tuition cost: $6,600 + Matriculation $650 + Enrollment Fee $100 
=  $7350  = Platinum:
Sponsor tuition cost of two children per year ($14,700 / year)
Sponsor tuition cost of one child per year ($7,350 / year)
Sponsor half tuition cost of one child per year ($3,675 / year)
Sponsor ¼ tuition cost of one child per year ($1,837 / year)
Friends of Learning Club:
Any donation amount below BRONZE level

                Through education, we better ourselves and our community. 
                                     By investing in the education of a child, you are not only affecting the life of the child, but the quality of our community as well.
                        We appreciate your consideration, and hope that you will spread the news to friends and associates whom may also wish to contribute. 
Please contact us to . We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Surfing Nosara Foundation

Nosara Animal Welfare Association

A very worthwhile nonprofit organization is Nosara Animal Care! 

They recently became part of the Friends of Nosara's U.S. tax deductible organization. 
They provide health care, including spaying and neutering, 
for homeless animals and for animals living with low income families who cannot afford the high costs of veterinary medicine.  

"We believe that every animal equally deserves quality care from skilled and gentle veterinarians for routine check ups, 
spay/neuters, vaccinations, worming, and any other medical attention they may need."

More Friends of Nosara Partner Organization descriptions to come!

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!Panaderia y Mas! Bakery and More

Pandería y Más!  (The Bakery and More!)  Feb. 15-17, 2013

Seventy children are living in humble conditions at the Hogar Cristiano (“Hogarcito” = Little Home), a children‘s orphanage in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  Each child’s story is tragic and every child is waiting to be adopted and loved.  Like most orphanages, the Hogarcito depends upon the goodwill of others to help provide for the children.  
Panderia y Más is a project to build a bakery to help the Hogar’s caretakers provide for the children and creates a brighter community for them while they wait for their new families.  $10,000 was raised for this effort. (

Bread, Eggs and Meat
Project Pandería y Más creates a sustainable effort to help the Hogar’s caretakers feed the children.  Through the purchase of an industrial oven, uniforms and its equipment, the project will assemble a bread-baking bakery, Pandería Hogar Cristiano.  The Bakery will help feed the children, earn extra money for the Hogarcito and train some of the older children who may never be adopted in new, marketable skills – planning, baking and selling the bread.  The project will also purchase 40 hens for the girls to help raise and the Hogarcito to use for meat and eggs. 

Color My World
Fifteen Costa Rican and North American volunteers will come together for one weekend in February 2013 to paint the “casitas”, or little houses, where the children live.  Volunteer artists will also work with the children to create two murals on exterior walls, while others engage the children in play activities for the weekend.  The project will also help support the local economy by hiring nine local laborers to fix, patch and prepare the walls for painting.

Treats, Sheets, Toys and Joy
Beyond the money that was raised, clothes, sheets, books, toys and shoes from across the US are being donated by individuals and corporations.  A Guanacaste Brownie Troop of ten girls has “adopted” the project and will put together care packages and make cards for each child.  For a list of items needed at the Hogarcito, and where to donate, have them contact Nosara Travel and Rentals beyond what they would donate here (for example to send items in the US down here).

Wish List:
Gently Used is OK! Girls' summer clothes ages 0-18, sandals, shoes, anything babies need from diapers to rattles, all manner of hygiene products, toys and stuffed animals, school supplies, art supplies, Spanish books, twin sheets, pillows, towels. We can receive items Nosara Travel and Rentals, Nosara Resale, and there will be other locations in Nosara soon with boxes for donations.